Zodiac magic mail automagically delivers a monthly collection of aromatic potions

inspired by the stars and the planets to your doorstep.

Each package dedicated to a specific astrological energy,

each one filled with a constellation of otherworldly aromatic treasures.

these goodies may include
* Anointing Oils * Hydrosols * Candles * Incense * Flower Essences Blends * Crystals * Creams
 * Magical Herbal Curiosities *

Each month will be accompanied by a newsletter that will share stories from the stars at the heart of each collection.


The stars are luminary guides for everyone.


I have been longing to wander the stars to learn from them & to share their magic.

There have been many times that the stars and flowers come to me in dreamtime together,  

so many times they have asked me to weave them together into aromatic stories.

stories that harness vibrations * stories that inspire * stories that can work magic


$ 88.88 a month for 6 months of astronomical magic.

p.s. to Talisman Subscribers...  Zodiac Series One will be headed your way so there is no need to hit that subscribe button.

Zodiac will run in two sessions

Session One packages will ship monthly

December 2016 - May 2017 

(sign ups will be available in late October)

* Capricorn * Aquarius * Pisces *  Aries * Taurus * Gemini *

Session Two packages will ship monthly

June 2017 - November 2017

* Cancer * Leo * Virgo * Libra * Scorpio * Sagittarius *


USPS priority mail shipment of packages is included to US locations.

Please contact me directly to confirm shipping cost  to other locations.


Gatheress aromatic creations are crafted using only pure essential oils & natural botanical extracts - nothing artificial & no synthetic fragrances, ever.

Everything is lovingly formulated and magically created by me in the Illuminated Connection Apothecary.