The Offering

This spring I visited the same meadow on multiple occasions, watching for what turned out to be a nearly miraculous wildflower bloom.  Each visit, in addition to the bountiful wildflowers, I found sacred medicines. Plants like Wild Tobacco & Western Mugwort that are known for their magic and connection to the spirit realm. They came to remind me of my practice, to remind me of my devotion and the work that bridges this world to the otherworldly.  It is an offering born of other offerings, it represents the cycle of gratitude that connects us all in the web of life and wonder.

The scent is a celebration of the deep magic found in a desert meadow and then woven together with a bounty of garden blossoms; roses, elderflower & hints of jasmine.  The fragrant oil blend is layered into vanilla-saffron infused jojoba oil and then decanted into a decorative 9ml glass bottle along with a tiny quartz point to amp up the magic.

Consider this to be an offering blend, intended to carry your prayers of gratitude to the ancestors & to the otherworldly realms, a bottle filled with  prayers and blessings to honor the sacred.  

Each order will also include a 9ml bottle of anointing oil, 15ml bottle of Nicotiana flower essence and a small prayer tie so that you can join the cycle of gratitude by leaving it as an offering in an auspicious place.