Ambrosial Altars - Personal Perfume Talismans

Ambrosial Altars - Personal Perfume Talismans

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Altars are sacred places of elevated energy, they are tangible bridges and portals to the divine.  I realized not so long ago that when I blend a custom perfume for someone what I am doing is essentially building an altar.  I weave together elements in patterns that are deliberate in energy and frequency and that are also beautiful and pleasing to the senses.  These blends and perfumes are more than the sum of their parts, they are portable sacred altars, they are ambrosial celebrations and tangible talismans to the divine.  Each one is called into being to honor that which is sacred to you and that which is sacred within you.


I love working with essential oils and botanical extracts because they are such beautiful and tangible expressions of creation.  Over the many years that I have been creating custom blends for myself and others I have also found them to be very potent and powerful allies for transformation.  The senses, and scent specifically, can help us to tap into deep magic and alchemy.  


I do not believe that these things work in a one size fits all way, because they work on a profoundly personal level.  This is why I have focused so much energy into the creation of bespoke items. Working with aromatics in this way allows us to dial in very specific vibrations unique to you, to your tastes and your desires.


The way it works:

Once you place your order we will begin discussing what type of blend you would like to create, this can be done by phone or email, whichever is more convenient. Typically the process takes about 4-6 weeks from ordering to shipment.  I consecrate and bless each bottle at the Full Moon & I consult a variety of divination tools at this point to help me calibrate the elemental and planetary energies that may be at play for you.  I have also been known to take a peek at your astrological chart just to get a sense of your elemental tendencies.  Of course, the divination is totally optional, especially if you have everything dialed in.  I typically begin the blending process on the New Moon unless another timing feels more appropriate or potent for what is being called in and created.


I have a wonderful collection of nearly 300 precious & exotic oils that will be used in your bespoke creation. The blend will be mixed in a carrier of pure jojoba oil or perfumer’s alcohol.  Each Talisman will be bottled in a lovely perfume bottle and boxed in a special blend of aromatic herbs.


With each Ambrosial Altar Personal Perfume Talisman you will receive

  • a custom 15 ml anointing oil blend or alcohol based perfume blend
  • a short written report from the divination session
  • and a note about what plant medicines are in your blends.
  • Collections will also include other items that support the aromatic talisman; these goodies may include Herbal Baths, Hydrosols, Candles, Incense, Flower Essences Blends, Crystals, Creams or other Magical Herbal Curiosities.


Gatheress botanical perfumes & herbal creations are made with consciously sourced pure essential oils, extracts and natural botanicals. Preference is made to work with small-scale artisan distillers that create with an eye toward organics, ethical wild-crafting, beauty & sustainability.

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