Creative Spark

What do you do when you need to tap back into your creative source? ignite that spark of inspiration?

I have been struggling with this question recently, feeling stagnant or a bit lost as sea. So, I tapped into my tool box to try to find a solution.  

First I asked the cards...  

      "What do I need right now to access my creative spark?"


Then I drew three cards.

      Ace of Wands * Ace of Cups * Strength

Ace of Wands - for me this card is the embodiment of action or doing something, making it happen.

Ace of Cups - my code words for this card are "in the flow".  Being in the flow requires us to let go a bit, to release our resistance and to allow things to be what they are in order to find the abundance and joy that is available to us. 

Strength - this is about connecting with the source of our power, of harnessing our essence, our "muchness", our own "medicine".  It is not about power over, but power found within.

To distill that down a bit...  

      "Do it, get into the flow and connect to your wild creative spirit."

Once I had my cards and my message, I sat down at my blending table and I began to conjure up a scent that I can work with when I am feeling stuck creatively.  When I am creating a scent from a card reading I like to think of each card from as an energetic and elemental signature and I try to find a corresponding oil to match the energy and vibration of each card.  The reading become a recipe of sorts. 

To represent the Ace of Wands I wanted spark, fire, movement.  The spices are one of the first scents that capture this energy for me, followed quickly by citrus.  In this case I selected Cinnamon Bark, Pink Pepper and also Wild Orange.  Together they embody juicy productivity.  I also added Beeswax absolute because bees know how to get down to business and to do the hard work.

For Ace of Cups I wanted something that represents flow, water, movement... getting unstuck?  In this case Pink Lotus called to me, this oil has a sweet and delicate scent but the reason I thought of it in this application is because the lotus will grow water that is boggy and and a bit stagnant.  It literally has the ability to root down in adversity and to create magnificent beauty.

Strength for me can always be found in the Rose, the beauty and the thorn.   I also find Strength in trees.  In this case I chose Pinyon Pine, because this tree, knows me and can remind me of my strength, we have roots. 

Once I had all this in place I added just a touch of Desert Lavender and Tobacco absolute to bring everything together and to harmonize the synergy then I added in vanilla infused jojoba oil as a carrier.  Together it all smells amazingly of a spicy creamsickle.


Are you looking for your own spark?

I would be more than happy to help you get tapped back into the source of your creativity.

Each one of a kind alchemical creation will be bottled in a 5 ml glass roller bottle. Your personal anointing blend will be gift wrapped and sent with a note that includes a photograph of the card spread as well as a brief reading and and an explanation of the oils used in your personal blend.