Once upon a time I told a wizard the story of a curious traveller, one who wandered an imaginary universe and who gathered all sorts of magical curiosities along the way.  

That curious traveler is Gatheress and she is ready for adventure.

An adventure that takes goes beyond the realm of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.  Just this last week I traveled to a Saguaro and I had a conversation about a green book that held the secrets of Sonoran Desert magic.  I was also given the recipe for an incense blend that included Desert Lavender & Copal that is heavenly.  Conversations like this will lay the foundation for the newest incarnation of the Talisman Circle Subscription Boxes.

Seven Wonders

This is your invitation for you to join these adventures and conversations, 

at least vicariously.  

Think of this offering as postcards from the edge or maybe love letters from the liminal that take the form of monthly care package complete with samples, specimens & goodies that have been gathered and created along the way.  

Are you ready to dip your toe into the mystery?

Are you up for an adventure?

The first package included a bottle that contained a single tear from the Griffin.  A tear that was collected into a golden vessel at dawn when the New Moon was in Sagittarius.It is believed that the tears of the Griffin have medicinal properties that can restore sight to the blind.  This is totally unverified and my associate explained that the tears are not actually intended for our eyes at all.  What the tears do is they awaken our ability to see within, to expand the possibility of our dreams and visions.  He suggests applying the liquid to the pulse points and also to the center of the brow, the top of the head and the nape of the neck.  Do this every night and every morning at dawn for two weeks and you may experience an increase in the vividness of your dreams.

I am just completing the second package that dives into the mysteries of Indigo...


7 month subscription

Shipping included.


7 month subscription

Shipping included.

Single Payment of $560



Gatheress botanical perfumes & herbal creations are made with consciously sourced pure essential oils, extracts and natural botanicals. Preference is made to work with small-scale artisan distillers that create with an eye toward organics, ethical wild-crafting, beauty & sustainability.

Everything is lovingly formulated and magically created by me in the Illuminated Connection Apothecary.