I would like to invite you on a little adventure this Full Moon.  It began as an experiment that I called the Plant Oracle Curiosity Sessions and it was a giant cauldron of deliciousness.  I really loved the messages that showed up for each person that participated so much that I want it to be a regular offering.

Each reading took a good deal of time and energy to complete and with this in mind I have decided that I am only offering 3 Full Moon and 3 New Moon readings each month along with a handful of MINI-sessions.  

How does a the Plant Oracle Session work?

On the day of the Full Moon (May 21st, 2016) I will carry you in my thoughts, I will ask the plants for messages in you name.

You are welcome to ask a specific question and I will ask the plants what they have to say.  

I will warn you sometimes the plants want to talk about something else entirely!

Nothing more is really required of you beyond your mindfulness that I will be calling in messages for you on that day.

Think of it as a kind of Tarot reading, but different, because it is really more of a story that will develop from my conversations with the plant world rather that cards.


I will sent you an email a few days later with a write up about the plants that shared messages with me and a few photos as well.


Reserve your spot for a May 21st, 2016 Full Moon Session

     $ 72.00 USD 

Reserve your spot for a May 21st, 2016 Full Moon MINI Session  (this one is kind of like a one card reading)