The Oracle of the Dreaming Flowers

I have been busy with the "not so secret" project of making an oracle deck & the creation of the images have been in progress for several months.  I anticipate to have it completed by the Summer Solstice.  In the meantime, I cannot wait to begin working with this oracle.

So, the time has come to whisper the songs born from this conversation to refine how this oracle wants to tell stories.  The Oracle of the Dreaming Flowers sessions are now open and they will offer you a sneak peek at what I have been pouring my energy into the last few months.

This session is focused on dreams and visions because they are so essential to human creativity.  They have the power to bring real magic into our world and that is invaluable.  Once we have a short chat about your dream I will whisper this to the flowers to see what insight they have to offer you.   Their messages of wisdom & support will be shared with you via email message complete with a downloadable pdf.

For those who desire a little something extra, I will create a Dream Amulet Collection to support your vision based on the message I receive from the plants.


Two Options Available


Please Note:

Once I receive your order I will send an email to you confirming your reading session. Occasionally messages do get lost, if for some reason you do not hear from me within 24 hours please send an email letting me know (send your message to gatheress at gmail dot com). 

The message I send to you will include a couple questions that will require your response.  

Prompt responses are appreciated as they facilitate the reading process and prevent delays.

Oracle Reading Only $44

This option will include a pdf copy of the oracle reading session sent to you by email.

Please allow two weeks for this reading to make its way to your inbox because the flowers work on their own schedule.

Oracle Reading & Dream Amulet Collection $107

This option will include a print copy of the oracle reading session as well as a Dream Amulet Collection.  The collection will be unique and created specifically to support your unique vision.  Each collection will include a flower essence blend, a hand rolled beeswax candle, a small vial of a magical dream oil and a dream amulet pouch as well as a message about how best to work with these items.

Please allow a full lunar cycle for the creation of your collection.



Gatheress botanical perfumes & herbal creations are made with consciously sourced pure essential oils, extracts and natural botanicals. Preference is made to work with small-scale artisan distillers that create with an eye toward organics, ethical wild-crafting, beauty & sustainability.

Everything is lovingly formulated and magically created by me in the Illuminated Connection Apothecary.