Mystic Botany Collective is a gathering together of people and plants.  

It is a gathering intended to build relationships and experiences that will deepen our understanding of the green world.

In this experience:
you will begin to build and develop your own relationship to the green world.
you will explore plant morphology through the lens of the magician.
you will use your senses as a compass to find the otherworldly in this world.
you will learn the language of leaves, flowers, fruits & seeds. 
you will learn the shorthand of the alchemists.
you will begin to create your own field guide of botanical wonder & magic.

My vision is:
to share with you a new way to see, know and experience plants.
to help you build a bridge between science and magic, between the real and the wonderful, & between observation and divination.
to assist you in creating a new language and framework for you to describe your experience.
to re-enchant your experience of the green world.

We will specifically explore the plant world because plants and I have a special relationship.  Part of this relationship comes with a responsibility to share some of what I have learned along the way.  I have spent a lifetime cultivating my knowledge and understanding the plant world.  I spent years studying plant taxonomy as a graduate student in Botany and now I weave these lessons together with my fascination of magic and divination.

This is an introduction, a kind of summer camp that will lay the foundation for further exploration.

We will gather for six weeks beginning on the Solstice on June 20th, 2016 and the course will continue until August 01st, 2016.

A materials list will be provided one week prior to the first day of the course so you can gather what you need.


The Current Session of the Collective is Full.  

     A second session is scheduled for late 2016


Please feel free to email if you have questions.

Here are a few FAQs

Does it matter where I live? 
No, I want to teach you the skills to learn the plants that live near you and the best way to do that is for you to be where you are.

What is the approximate time commitment each week? 
I would plan to spend a couple hours a week on the activities to get the most out of the class, roughly 20-30 minutes a day.  
Content delivery is planned for three days a week, leaving alternating days for activities and “homework”.
It will be totally possible to complete a week’s worth of course work in an afternoon.

Are there live sessions (group calls, etc) and is participation in them vital to getting the most out of the experience?
There will be weekly live sessions and they will be recorded so although live participation is wonderful it is not required. 

Does the online class extend beyond a specific ending day? 
This class actively runs from June 20th, 2016 until August 01st, 2016. 
The course materials will remain on the site until October. 
All participants will receive a pdf of the class at the end to allow time for those who prefer to work at a leisurely pace.


This is an online class and high speed internet is required.

There are no prerequisites for this experience beyond a desire to know more about plants and an appreciation of magic.

Content will be available via a private website and there will be blend of written posts, audio, video & discussion.

Enrollment is limited and registration closes firmly on June 20th, 2016.

Refunds are not offered so please be certain of your commitment when you register.