Indigo began as an exploration in cloth many years ago.  Part of a long conversation with a plant, dye & color, and getting to know the magic they hold. This scent is part of my Seven Wonders collection.  This is one of the first that will be available as part of my general collection that will be gradually added to this website as I slowly make the move away from Etsy.

This perfumed anointing oil was created to be worked with as a protection oil but one with a very specific vibration.  This essence was conjured to bring the clarity of deeper self-knowing & to then safeguard this vision of self so that it can expand to its fullest potential.   True blue clarity and the true vast potential open to us on the wild blue horizon… ever deepening and expanding. The fragrance has notes of Blue Cypress, Blue Lotus, Blue Chamomile & Blue Yarrow layered together with Sweet Myrrh, Benzoin, Spearmint, Bay Laurel & Frankincense. 




The Seven Wonders "spell kit" Collection

·       a 15 ml bottle of Indigo perfume

·       a square of Indigo dyed linen

·       a length of Indigo dyed silk ribbon

·       a bead of Lapis Lazuli strung on Indigo dyed cotton string.

·       a small vial of Natural Indigo Powder

·       a small packet of Indigo Seeds

·       a half pan of ground Lapis Lazuli watercolor

·       three sheets of fine Italian stationary