All things being equal...

The Sun has drifted past the zenith of the equator and Equinox is here.  Signs of the ending summer are all around and the temperature here is finally back into a reasonable range.  The windows are finally open so the breeze can carry the scent of the desert into every nook and cranny of my home. Fall is my favorite season next to Spring, I relish the in-between, the liminal transition that is so present in both those seasons. The languid Summer season has been filled with introspection and quiet, as it often is.  I have been considering what comes next in my hibernation, knowing the nature of my work is shifting.  My goal is to bring Gatheress home, to this webpage and to release connection with Etsy. As I navigate this shift I am going to retire much of my earlier work.  I have been considering this idea for almost two years and it has not been an easy decision.  I adore many of my creations, especially the totems that formed the core of my early collection.  It is time to make room for something new to allow my work to grow.

The call to follow the seasons and my muse more closely, to begin to create from that deep source of inspiration is so strong.  When I consider this shift I feel a great expanded potential, the opportunity to make something more than just essential oil blends.  I envision talismans, curios and altar items, even paintings, and collections of objects that have called my attention.  Plants will always be at the core of my work but I never was, nor did I desire to only be a plant person.  I want for my work to reflect that as well.  Gatheress, the name, which I adore and somehow conjured up was intended to encapsulate many things, a collector, a curator, an artist, one who gathers things, one who gathers people...  My vision was a basket filled with so much more than herbs and flowers and it is time to become that something more. As it is Gatheress has became so much more that I envisioned, I have become her and she has become me and now we walk together as one.

I am feeling so very grateful to be in this place, to know my work, to see it and to really begin to understand the value of it.  Each and every person that I have connected with in the process of becoming the Gatheress has been my teacher.  There are not enough ways to say thank you.  This is why I always say it three times, each and every order, each and every box that leaves my hands.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you, may all be blessed and loved.

My world is filled with such wonder and beauty, I am in awe and filled with gratitude and so looking forward to what comes next. In addition to the changes to the shop I am re-tooling Mystic Botany because it was a wonderful adventure!  This month I have been having one on one chats with the first circle of students and I have gained so much insight about how I work.  There is SO very much potential and I am certain I want to continue this work.  In the re-newed vision it is becoming more of an apprenticeship and less of a class.  I hope for each person to have the opportunity to fine tune and develop their own practice, their own way of walking in this world and gathering magic to share with others.  There will only be a handful of spots because one on one time will be involved and everyone will be working at their own pace.  There will be no sales page with a link to sign up...  If you are curious, send me a note before October 10th (send it to gatheress at gmail dot com).  I would like to have a conversation about your goals and how we can work together with plants and magic to achieve them.

The portal is open and I am so very excited to see what comes next...



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